We offer services, solutions, and computer products to accelerate the drug discovery & development journey, ranging from drug target identification through scale-up to the ultimate manufacturing. We understand that reproducibility, reliability, and consistency are pretty critical to your research, so our computerized products are dedicatedly developed and manufactured to the optimum quality standards.

We also know that maintaining high productivity in pharmaceutical and biotech industries is a constant challenge, therefore our products are intuitive, pretty easy to use which can easily automate steps of any rigorous workflow, reducing hands-on time & freeing you to concentrate more on your most crucial tasks.

Our Services mainly focus in the below-mentioned key areas:

1.Development and sale of proprietary software or computer-aided drug design featuring the entire life cycle of drug discovery services, for example, docking molecular, drug discovery screening, drug target identification, library screening, small molecule screening, ion channel screening etc.
2.Development of various drug discovery processes including identification the new agents & their evaluation as potential drug candidates.
3.Conducting an in-depth, thorough, and meticulous drug discovery research in the key areas of molecular modeling, NMR structure determination, NMR spectral data analysis, computer aided drug design and lead optimization.
4.Development and sale of proprietary NMR software, a multiplatform software for conceptualization, visualization, analysis, processing, and reporting of NMR data.
5.Development and sale of custom research-enabling software featuring cutting-edge technologies to meet the complex requirements of science within demanding timelines and affordable cost.

We offer the following services:

1. Data collection & development of innovative drug discovery tools for ideal clinical decision making.
2. Computational drug discovery software.
3. Conceptual design & core computational molecular modeling studies.
4. Custom problem-solving software for a wide range of diverse research situations.
5. Computerized molecular design.
6. Lead Identification, modification and optimization.
7. Automated NMR spectral analysis and NMR-based three-dimensional structure determination.
8. Implementation of spectral database management software.
9. Predictive analysis of drug targets, simulation software, and cellular simulation.
10. Contract programming & other consulting services.