Understanding The Importance of Web Analytics For Online Marketers and Businesses

For business or an online marketer to succeed, it is necessary to employ web analytics programs. These programs play a crucial role in the growth of online customer base by measuring the efficiency of the marketing strategies used to attract clients. Essentially, web analytics is the process of gathering, measuring and analyzing user activity and behavior on your website. Web analytics software interprets raw user data and outputs meaningful tables, charts, and graphs that can be used to fine-tune crucial areas of a website in order to achieve your online business objectives.

Web analytics can give website owners increased insight into how productive their landing pages are in convincing visitors to opt-in to a mailing list or purchase a product. As such, web analytics can provide crucial information that can help develop strategic marketing decisions.

The Main Reasons for Using Web Analytics

1. Support SEO Efforts


Search engine optimization drives visitors to the most relevant pages on your website. The concept is simple, similar to the way someone would use Yellow Pages to find an electrician; someone using a search engine to locate the products or services that you sell is highly likely to be in the market for those products or services.

Web analytics plays a decisive role in SEO. It lets you see where visitors are coming from, which terms they searched to find your site, which pages they land on and whether they hang around or immediately hit the back-button. Analytics gives you the marketing intelligence, based on what works and what doesn’t, to make informed SEO decisions.

Yet many companies fail to take advantage of web analytics, whether due to time restraints or they can’t be bothered, or feel it’s out with their technical skills. By improving the targeting and visibility of your website, you will increase your market share, raise brand awareness and extend product reach, all of which has a positive effect on the bottom line.

2. Improve Usability


It’s relatively easy to publish a website, with today’s web developers and Content Management Systems there is a little requirement to gain a working knowledge of HTML. The potential audience is staggering, but that does not change the need to understand your audience. By understanding how visitors interact with your site, you can help them achieve their goals quicker and easier. If your site “works” the way they do, the user experience will significantly increase, and users will return time and time again.

Web analytics lets you see how visitors use and navigate your site. By understanding your user experience with your website, you will be in a position to achieve your goals and targets

3. Increase Accessibility


For you to succeed with online marketing, you have to understand the technology used to access your web pages. Web analytics will help you understand how the mechanism works to help you enhance the accessibility of your business platform. By making your pages accessible to older browsers, mobile technology, and assistive devices, like screen readers, you can significantly reduce bounce rate because more people will be able to see your pages.

The top priority of web analytics is to find out the information that their client needs to know. An online marketer will need to know why his merchandise is not moving as quickly as he would like, so the priority of the analyzing team will be to discover if the marketing technique used is effective and reaching the people who would most likely buy their merchandise.

Web analytics will let you see which browsers (and browser version), screen resolutions, operating systems and more. Would you turn away customers from your shop because they arrived in the wrong type of car? No, then make sure you are not turning visitors away from your website because they use the ‘wrong’ browser.


Through web analytics, businesses can control cost, target demographics, testing advertisements, improve web traffic, and unite the results to establish metrics or best practices. A web analytics application can gather traffic information, guidance to enhance customer experience, develop custom reports, and implement advanced segmentation to show which ads or segments are responsible for generating sales or specific activities or conversions.

Indeed, profits can be maximized by taking the right analytical approach. If you are serious about your long term success with online marketing, invest in web analytics. There may be a steep learning curve, but the payoff is huge.